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Walking the bay more than just exercise for the Shorncliffe Shufflers

Joe Malone our Community Liaison Officer at our Northgate clinic talks about their walking group – the Shorncliffe Shufflers. The group is “more than just walking”, with general health checks and healthy food offered as part of the weekly meet-up.

Team leaders cook a meal after walking.

Before walking, an Aboriginal health worker takes the blood pressure of the walkers to let them know how their general health is.

Healthy meals are cooked after the walk to encourage walkers to cook well at home.

Once a month a “good, quick tukka meal” is prepared together by the group.

The walkers then take the recipe home and share it with family and friends.

To find out more call our Northgate clinic on 3340 8903.

Along the shore of Moreton Bay, a group of walkers young and old stride out each week for health and social benefits. A story by the ABC –