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Our plan for the future

46132_strategic-plan-posterOUR COMMUNITY, OUR FUTURE, OUR WAY   Reinstating the wellbeing of our people – person by person, family by family, generation by generation

Our story is rich and vibrant from our humble beginnings at Red Hill to where we are now.  ATSICHS today is going through a dynamic period of growth, change and renewal. We are consolidating and building on the strengths of our core programs, and improving the quality and accessibility of our services.

We embrace our role as leaders, which saw us lead the creation of the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health. As we move into the future it is vitally important that we continue to build and consolidate on the key role that it plays in setting the agenda of Indigenous health and wellbeing in South East Queensland. At the same time, we need to respond to existing and emerging unmet needs of our clients and communities.

Our 2016 strategic planning process gave us a unique opportunity to look back at our beginnings and celebrate, but more importantly look forward to our future.

Our Community, Our Future, Our Way commits us to four strategic priorities that seek to broaden and improve our primary health care and community services, and ensure we are operating in the most efficient and effective way possible.

To be of most benefit to our clients and communities we work with now and into the future, we need to strengthen and sustain our organisation. Central to this is our commitment to be more accountable to, and open with, stakeholders by improving how we measure and report our outcomes to them.

We hope that in the future our clients and our community will say:

  • I was diagnosed early.
  • I understand, so I make good choices and decisions about my health and wellbeing.
  • I get the treatment and care that is best for me and my life.
  • My family, my kids and my community are well supported.
  • I am treated with dignity and respect, and my culture is vibrant and valued.

The story of ATSICHS is changing. The next chapter of our story is just beginning.

View our Strategic Plan and our commitment to our community.