Deadly Kindy


Kindy is a deadly choice

Our Deadly Kindy programs set children up for success in their transition to school.

Each of our programs feature our unique philosophy where we blend quality early childhood education and care with our existing health and social services.

Our early intervention service model provides a culturally safe, flexible and play-based environment for children to develop a lifelong love of learning and sets the foundation for reaching their full potential. We are committed to keeping our children connected to culture.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, attending an early childhood program can make a huge difference. It can improve their ability to perform well in the classroom when they attend school.

By enrolling with us you can ensure that your child will be receiving the best possible start in life whilst cultivating and developing their cultural identities.

It’s early childhood education on our terms.

Deadly Kindy is FREE for 3-5 year olds. Our locations include:

  • Burragah
    25 Jacaranda Avenue
    Logan Central QLD 4114
  • Gundoo Mirra
    21 Coley Street
    Acacia Ridge QLD 4110
  • Jajumbora
    6 Glenda Street
    Waterford West QLD 4114

Visit our Deadly Kindy website for more information or to enrol your jarjum.


Visit our Deadly Kindy Website

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Deadly Kindy Flyer

Read here about our Deadly Kindy service and why kindy is a deadly choice.

Download PDF (2MB)

Deadly Jarjums Colouring Book

Click here to download a fun colouring book for children.

Download PDF (6.0MB)

Assessment and Rating for Waterford West was on 24 February, Exceeded the NQS, Burragah will have accreditation March 2022. Gundoo Mirra’s next visit to be confirmed by DET.


Deadly Kindy Burragah

Address: 25 Jacaranda Avenue
Logan Central QLD 4114
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Deadly Kindy Gundoo Mirra

Address: 21 Coley Street
Acacia Ridge QLD 4110
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Deadly Kindy Jajumbora

Address: Jajumbora Child & Family Centre
6 Glenda Street
Waterford West QLD 4133
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