Our transport service

Our transport service helps clients to attend medical appointments, treatment or tests who have no other way of getting into clinic when family or close friends are not able to assist.

You may be eligible for our service if you:

  • are elderly, frail or very unwell, have a disability, or you are pregnant and have other children
  • are unable to drive or be driven to an appointment by family or friends
  • are unable to access suitable public transport.

Each ATSICHS Brisbane clinic and service has a defined ‘catchment area’ in which it will provide this service. Clients may access an ATSICHS Brisbane clinic or service outside the catchment area in which they live, but they will not be eligible for transport to and from that location.

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Transport Brochure

Learn more about our transport service for our medical and dental clinics.

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Clinic locations

Browns Plains Medical Clinic

Address: Village Square, 20-24 Commerce Drive
Browns Plains QLD 4118
(The clinic is on the corner of Eastern Road and Webber Drive)
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Logan Medical Clinic

Address: 41 Station Road
Logan Central QLD 4114
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Loganlea Medical Clinic

Address: Unit 4, 653 Kingston Road, Loganlea QLD 4131
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Northgate Medical Clinic

Address: 313 Melton Road
Northgate QLD 4013
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Woolloongabba Medical Clinic

Address: 55 Annerley Road
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
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