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Supporting you and your family

Jajumbora Children and Family Centre is a community space with a range of early childhood, parenting, health and support services.

Located in Glenda Street, Waterford West, we work with families to support you and your kids.

Early Childhood Education and Care Services

We have playgroups that support a range of developmental stages and ages, as well as early childhood education and development programs, including social and emotional wellbeing.

We work closely with local schools and our own Deadly Kindy programs – Burragah, Gundoo Mirra and Jajumbora.
Our team offer parenting resources and programs, home visits and counselling.

We also offer nutrition programs, assistance in creating healthy and safe home environments and individual support for children and families, as well as regular self-development and family-focused classes for parents and adults.

Family and Parenting Support Services

We have qualified Indigenous Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) course facilitators. The COSP course is an early intervention program designed for parents of children aged 0-8 years. The syllabus is professionally designed by the Circle of Security Institute and is based on decades of research into attachment theory.

The aim is to educate parents on the importance of creating secure attachments with their young children, and to increase parental capacity and awareness of their children’s needs.

The course is a judgement-free space to discuss ways to improve parent-child relationships and improve parent confidence in responding in a loving and comforting way to their child’s needs.


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Jajumbora Children & Family Centre

Address: 6 Glenda Street
Waterford West QLD 4133
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