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About our service

Our Family Participation Program (FPP) is here to help you and your family every step of the way when dealing with child protection and the Department of Child Safety.

If you live in the Brisbane and Logan region, our FPP is here to help our mob.

How we help you and your family

FPP supports you to take part in child protection decision-making. We know it can be very hard talking and dealing with Child Safety, so our team are here help you have a voice and be heard.

It’s a completely new way of supporting our community with child protection matters.

Our team can help you with:

  • making decisions affecting you and your family
  • providing an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander convener to support your family through meetings with the Department of Child Safety
  • organising a safe and culturally appropriate space for meetings with the Department of Child Safety
  • information and help to access services and programs to help and support.

Our video resources

We have created a series of 6 short videos to assist you and your family if Child Safety is in contact with you or a family member. The FPP team has produced these resources in collaboration with Raw Mint Studios so you can better understand the stages of the child protection system.

Visit the links below to learn more.

Video 1 – Child Safety Regional Intake Service

Our FPP explains how the Regional Intake Service works. It’s the first point of contact for people, (families, community and also professionals) who are worried about children who might be harmed or at risk of harm. All information shared with the Regional Intake Service is confidential and not shared.

Video 2 – Child Safety Investigation and Assessment

Learn what to expect if the Department of Child Safety has an opened an investigation with your family. Our FPP will talk you through the process, how it works and what you need to know during an Investigation and Assessment.

Video 3 – Child Safety Ongoing Intervention

Ongoing Intervention is a part of the process when the Department of Child Safety has made a decision that children are in need of protection and feel that it’s important that they might need to stay involved for a longer period of time. Learn the about types of interventions in Queensland and what happens after an assessment is made.

Video 4 – ATSICHS Family and Case Planning

Learn what a Family Plan is and the help and support available to you and your family to make sure things are safe while working with the Department of Child Safety so kids stay safe.

Video 5 – ATSICHS Family Participation Program

Hear from our FPP team members about how they can assist families with support, information, resources, referrals and also services to ensure your voice is heard.

Video 6 – ATSICHS Family-Led Decision Making

Family-Led Decision making is the vehicle to support families to be empowered to make decisions about their family, in a culturally safe way. It’s a safe space to yarn about the things that are happening and also what the family would like to do to make things safer at home for their children.

Accessing the service

How do I access the service?

You will need to contact your child safety officer who will refer you to our service.

Is there a cost?

No. This service is free.

Can I self refer?

Yes. Download the referral form here.

Want to know more? Get in touch!

To find out more about how our team can help call (07) 3240 8900 for a yarn or email us.

Want more info?

Need to know more about the Family Participation Program – download our FAQs.

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Read more about the program and frequently asked questions.

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FPP for Families

Learn more about our program and how our team can help you and your family.

Download PDF (2.0MB)

FPP for Referring Agencies

Learn more about our program and how our team can help children and families.

Download PDF (2.7MB)

Service locations

Chermside Family Participation Program

Address: Brisbane North
Community Hub
10 Hall Street
Chermside QLD 4132
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Logan Family Participation Program

Address: Bullang Bujerum Centre
Logan City Centre
Shop 75B, Cnr Kingston & Wembley Rds
Logan Central QLD 4114
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