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We are committed to being a truly inclusive organisation to eliminate isolation, raise the health and wellbeing needs of our Brotherboys, Sistergirls and LGBTQI+ mob and for everybody to feel safe, accepted, valued and supported.

We’ve signed a Statement of Commitment to ensure equality and safety across all of our services, clinics and programs. This is to ensure our whole community feels that they belong and are also valued individuals. We uphold their right to full access to our services and programs in a safe and also supportive environment.

In order to achieve this we are continuing to expand our service delivery, implementing inclusive, safe and confidential services for our BBSGLGBTIQ community.

We have also developed a high quality training and education program. This is designed to build a competent and inclusive workforce that is knowledgeable and responsive to the lived experiences of BBSGLGBTIQ people. We are also working towards developing this training for other community controlled health organisations. Our aim is to ensure that BBSGLGBTIQ mob feel safe and also welcome no matter which health organisation they are attending.

ATSICHS Brisbane is also continually implementing strategies, strengthening partnerships and developing campaigns that celebrate equality and diversity for our BBSGLGBTIQ mob.

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Safe and Deadly Places Statement of Commitment

Read our Statement of Commitment to ensure inclusive and safe services and spaces.

Download PDF (8.1MB)


The elements used in the Safe & Deadly Places material are from artwork by Jordana Angus.

Jordana is an established contemporary Wiradjuri artist and emerging jeweller. Her traditional land is Narrandera New South Wales; however she was born and raised in Redcliffe, Queensland. This location has given Jordana an innate connection to where the land meets sea.

You can check out more of her work by heading to her Instagram page.

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