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CEO inspires next generation of healthcare workers

ATSICHS Brisbane CEO Renee Blackman was out and about this week visiting healthcare students and staff at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

First up was a meet and greet with Indigenous nursing students and then a visit to the Oodgeroo Unit. Renee was invited as guest speaker and delivered a presentation on her career background and experiences as an Indigenous nurse and leader within the healthcare sector.

The students and staff enjoyed hearing Renee’s account of how she began in healthcare and managed her university days. They also enjoyed hearing about her experience working in a rural hospital setting. Renee had the chance to chat with students one-on-one and answer their many questions about getting into the healthcare sector.

Following lunch, Renee also received a tour of the beautiful Oodgeroo Unit which supports the learning journey of Indigenous students.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Unit was established in 1991. It began by providing support for QUT’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

In 1996, QUT recognised the contribution to Australian history by artist Oodgeroo Noonuccal and renamed the Education Unit in her honour.

For more information on the Oodgeroo Unit, visit

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