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Preparing our jarjums for Prep

Say hello to Karina…She’s a proud First Nations and South Sea Islander woman who grew up in Woodridge and still lives in the area. Both her children attended Deadly Kindy Burragah and her youngest, Khloe, is in prep this year and thriving thanks to her time at Burragah. Read about her experience and why the early years matter to Karina and her family.

How did you find your Deadly Kindy Burragah experience?

Khloe loved attending Burragah. She looked forward to going with her cousin Khaleesi and had an incredibly positive experience. The kindy gave Khloe more than enough to get her ready for prep, including learning and growing as an individual and connecting with culture and community.

Why is it important to embed cultural learnings into education?

Burragah is an important part of our family and community. I was a student there and so were my siblings and many of my cousins. Burragah celebrates what it means to be Indigenous and provides a culturally safe space to be for children.

What were the benefits of attending Deadly Kindy Burragah?

The high standard of expectation and encouragement meant Khloe learnt how to read, write, create and express herself. Once she started prep she hit the ground running and like her older brother, is meeting and excelling at her work. I strongly believe Burragah played a huge role in that.

How was Khloe’s education delivered at Burragah?

Khloe is a very loud and bold child who tests boundaries. Rather than dismissing Khloe as a naughty child they taught Khloe how to harness her loud personality positively. 

What were the benefits of the additional wrap around services offered ?

As a working single mother, the wrap around services assisted Khloe to receive support if and when it was needed. It was also reassuring to know the ATSICHS dental team visited as well as other allied health services to support where appropriate.

How do you feel Burragah helped with her transition to Prep?

Burragah did a great job of transitioning both Khloe, my son and myself into primary schooling. The staff at Burragah went above and beyond to ensure the school where Khloe started has received all the necessary information to make sure Khloe received any help she needed once in prep. 

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