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Birthing program delivers difference in community

Results of a new study have revealed women in our Birthing in Our Community program are 50% less likely to have a premature baby, and more likely to be able to breastfeed and access antenatal care than those using standard maternity care.

The findings from The Lancet Global Health journal were announced yesterday for the program we deliver in partnership with IUIH and the Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

Operating out of a community-based hub at Salisbury, women who are pregnant with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander baby and are eligible to birth at Mater Mothers’ Hospital have access to their own midwife (provided by the Mater) throughout pregnancy and at birth along with an Aboriginal family support worker and health team (provided by IUIH and ATSICHS Brisbane).

ATSICHS CEO Jody Currie said the impact of families accessing culturally safe care around birth could not be underestimated.

“Birth is a sacred time. It is bub’s first connection with culture, community and country. Enabling our families to access the right support for their birth in a safe environment makes so much difference – and has a lifelong impact,” she said.

“The Birthing in Our Community model is currently only available to women living in the South Brisbane area. We know the model and the program works. What we really want to see now is women have the opportunity to access this program and its impact, regardless of where they live.”
In addition to the key finding of the reduced risk of pre-term birth, the study also found that women accessing the program are:

  • Less likely to need a Caesarean delivery
  • Less likely to have their baby admitted to the neonatal care nursery
  • More likely to attend 5 or more antenatal appointments
  • More likely to exclusively breastfeed on discharge

To read all the findings visit:

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