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Introducing our 2023 general practitioner registrars

This year we welcome four new general practitioner (GP) registrars to our ATSICHS Brisbane medical clinics — Dr Hannah at Northgate, Dr Tasha at Logan, Dr Michael at Wolloongabba and Dr Navin at Browns Plains.

GP registrars are an important part of our primary health team, but if you’ve never heard of the term before, you may get confused when booking your appointment. Read on to find out more about our GP registrar program.

What is a GP registrar?

A GP registrar is a qualified doctor undergoing further training to become a GP. After completing their medical degree and foundation training, doctors who wish to become GPs must complete a three-year GP training program. This includes a minimum of two years of supervised training in general practice. During this time, they are known as GP registrars.

What kind of work does a GP registrar do?

GP registrars work in a variety of settings, including GP practices, hospitals and community clinics. They are supervised by experienced GPs, who provide guidance and support as they develop their skills and knowledge. GP registrars typically see patients, make diagnoses and provide treatment under the supervision of a mentor.

How do they differ from a GP?

As they are still training, GP registrars also attend educational sessions and complete assessments. This ensures they develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become a GP. They may also work in other areas of healthcare, such as paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, or psychiatry. This helps them gain a broader understanding of medical care.

What is the benefit of GP registrars?

GP registrars have completed their medical training recently and are currently studying which means they bring the most up to date knowledge and skills to our services. While our GP registrars learn a lot from our primary health care staff, we also learn a lot from them about new advances in the industry.

How long do GP registrars stay?

While this can vary slightly between GP registrars, generally they stay with us for one year. After this year, they move on to a different healthcare provider to continue their training. However, we have had a number of registrars take up permanent positions at ATSICHS Brisbane after completing their training. This includes our current GPs Dr Hannah and Dr Emma at our Woolloongabba clinic, Dr Jacinta at our Logan clinic and our GP reliever Dr Tehani who works across all clinics.

What happens when they finish their training?

After completing their training, GP registrars may choose to work as a general practitioner in a GP practice, hospital or other healthcare setting. They are an essential part of the healthcare system, providing high-quality patient care and helping to address the growing demand for primary healthcare services.

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