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Aunty Pamela Mam Awards recognise outstanding staff

Recently the IUIH held their network-wide Workforce Integrity Gathering over a three-week series of live stream events. 

​​​​​​​One of the highlights of the gathering was the presentation of the Aunty Pamela Mam Awards. They acknowledge the hard work of staff across the IUIH network and honour Aunty Pam’s humble, caring and generous spirit.

Congratulations to the three ATSICHS Brisbane winners Nashea Slater, Kylie Fleming and Dr Lesley Soo.


This award recognises and celebrates an ATSICHS Brisbane staff member for their compassion, commitment and dedication to their work.

Award Winner – Kylie Fleming 

Kylie Flemming receiving her IUIH Aspire award.

Kylie is a Gubbi Gubbi woman who joined the ATSICHS Brisbane family in 2015. She began her journey as a frontline Foster and Kinship Care worker delivering carer assessments and support. This led to her working with the Family Participation Program and soon became the manager in the Logan region.

Kylie possesses a lifelong commitment to improve the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families who are over-represented in child protection and out-of-home care system. This passion and commitment to our community has also seen her personally devote five years as a foster carer herself. 

She’s an eternal optimist and challenges what it means to become a leader in the child protection space.​​​​​​​


This award recognises and celebrates the outstanding efforts and commitment of a young person in their work within ATSICHS Brisbane and the broader IUIH network. They are chosen for their commitment to their growth and that of their peers.

Award Winner – Nashea Slater

Nashea Slater receiving her IUIH Chrysalis Award

Shea started with us in 2014 as our casual administration receptionist. In 2015 she became a trainee receptionist and after one year was working as a full time administration officer.

Following this, in mid 2016, Shea started as Jody’s personal assistant, becoming among the most valued members of the team.​​​​​​​ We are very blessed to have her dedication, passion and professionalism here at ATSICHS Brisbane.

She’s eager to learn skills and has completed both a Certificate III in Business Administration, and a Diploma of Business.

Most recently she took part in the 2021 Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program. She was selected for the annual leadership program, giving her the chance to develop her leadership skills, learn about political processes and leading community projects.

She has consistently supported our CEO, the ATSICHS Board and the entire organisation. She’s a quiet achiever, she’s always willing to go the extra mile and you’ll often find her putting in much of her time to work on projects within ATSICHS Brisbane. 

We’re very proud of Shea and her drive for the future. 


This award recognises and celebrates the collaboration, respect, integrity and humility demonstrated by an ATSICHS Brisbane staff member. Additionally, it also acknowledges the work they do to create an accountable and cohesive environment across the workforce and sector.

Award Winner – Dr Lesley Soo

Dr Lesley is an inspiration who commenced her journey with ATSICHS 3 ½ years ago. She is an amazing contributor to the Logan Community, including her role as GP at Logan Central, working at Logan Respiratory Clinic and providing care for residents at Jimbelunga Nursing Centre every week. Her commitment and dedication to her patients, community and the medical profession has spanned over many years.

She treats each patient holistically, as an individual with care and respect. As such her calendar is always full and the community requests her by name. Dr Lesley is passionate with her practice and staunch in her approach to closing the gap.

Humble by nature, her kindness and warmth is obvious to all those who are in her presence.  Always mindful, Dr Lesley works collaboratively to ensure The Ways are at the foundation of all that she does. Dr Lesley has the respect of her peers and is a sought-after doctor in the Logan community. She is a team player, a leader, a mentor and teacher. She has spent her career serving others.                              

With 40+ years of experience her guidance has a great deal of value in the workplace.  She is approachable and will openly share her knowledge unconditionally with team members, community, and registrars.

Whilst working with limited resources in the Northern Territory Dr Lesley worked tirelessly to provide optimal care for community. She was active on the frontline of SARS pandemic and currently working alongside health workers in COVID-19 pandemic.

Always a vigorous advocate for her patients, Dr Lesley has a commitment to finding the best outcomes, whether working with internal or external shareholders. She truly exemplifies the core values of ATSICHS and of this award.

Check out the video of the IUIH awards presentation below.

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