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Jimbelunga team represents ATSICHS Brisbane at national summit

Earlier this month,  proud Wemba Wemba woman and our Aged Care Operations Manager Belinda Charles made a significant impact at the 4th annual National Aged Care Summit in Sydney. Supported by our Director of Nursing at Jimbelunga Nursing Centre Renee Cole, Belinda delivered a powerful presentation in front of a packed main auditorium, highlighting the importance of embracing an individual-centric approach to aged care.

The summit brought together esteemed leaders in the aged care field and featured a select number of speakers from across the nation. With the theme of The Future of Aged Care, the conference provided a platform for experts to share their insights.

Belinda’s presentation focused on our recently launched Jimbelunga Model of Care. Her presentation emphasised the implementation of a First Nations friendly model in aged care and highlighted the significance of person-centred care guided by the core values of connection, diversity, self-determination, and healing, while incorporating the principles of trauma-informed care.

Renee praised Belinda’s presentation, expressing her admiration for the engagement and enthusiasm shown by the audience throughout the talk.

“I could hear the audience, I could hear them engaging the longer Belinda talked. She provided many with the reality of truly delivering person-centred care to First Nations people through our core values. She also gave insight into the thought-provoking principals of trauma-informed care,” Renee said.

“People were engaged in what she said right to the very end of the presentation.”

In addition to her presentation, Belinda shared her knowledge in a panel discussion. She spoke with other experts on the topic of developing consumer engagement models for older Australians and incorporating feedback. She also shared her thoughts on the future of aged care in Australia during an interview with the Healthcare Channel.

Since the summit, the Jimbelunga team has received numerous inquiries from organisations, aged care leaders, and providers. People seeking to learn more about caring for First Nations people and implementing the principles presented by Belinda.

We are incredibly proud of Belinda and her team for their outstanding work. We thank you for sharing your knowledge on this national platform.

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