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Men’s Health Week

Our men are getting sick at unprecedented rates but there are ways to avoid this. This Men’s Health Week we caught up with ATSICHS Brisbane Senior Medical Officer Dr Roshan to discuss some of the big health issues affecting our men and the ways to tackle them.

Trigger warning: this article mentions suicide and self-harm.

Heart health

Fact: Heart disease is the leading killer in men with 4 in 5 heart deaths under 65 belonging to men.

Tackle it by:

  • giving up the smokes
  • attending your annual 715 health check to check your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Mental and emotional health

Fact: Three out of four suicides are men.

Tackle it by:

  • having a yarn with family or a mate about your feelings
  • seeing a GP if you are feeling down, irritable, lost, have thoughts of self-harm or lose interest in things you usually enjoy.
  • checking in with your mates regularly. Visit our guide to asking ‘R U OK?’ for tips.

It’s okay to talk about your feelings no matter how small the issue may seem. Don’t let it build up, as it may just make you feel worse.


Fact: If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle you are at an increased risk of chronic disease.

Tackle it by:

  • eating healthy
  • exercising daily
  • avoiding junk food and soft drink
  • attending your annual 715 health check to monitor your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.


Fact: Around 60% of the disease burden attributed to tobacco is experienced by males according to the Australian Burden of Disease Study.

Tackle it by:

  • seeing your GP about ways to quit smoking. There are effective strategies and medications to help reduce your craving and successfully give us the smokes.

Prostate cancer

Fact: Prostate cancer kills hundreds of men each year but is preventable.

Tackle it by:

  • speaking to your doctor if you are concerned about prostate cancer. For example, if you are experiencing symptoms or have a close relative who had prostate cancer. We will yarn with you about this in your annual 715 health check.


Fact: Diabetes is not only about sugar. It can damage your eyes, kidneys and heart.

Tackle it by:

  • eating healthy
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • attending your annual 715 health check to test your blood sugar.

Bowel cancer

Fact: Bowel cancer is a killer after 50 years of age.

Tackle it by:

  • talking with your GP about bowel screenings once your turn 50, if you have a close family member with bowel cancer or if you are experiencing symptoms.

Poor diet

Fact: Lack of fruits and veggies in your diet can cause chronic diseases for the whole family.

Tackle it by:

  • being a healthy role model. Children are more likely to eat fruit and veggies when their dads do too. Have a yarn with one of our dieticians if you need help.

To book an appointment at any of our clinics, give us a call on 3240 8900 (press 4).

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