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National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is here! Below is some more information to help you understand what it is and how we can help. ATSICHS Brisbane is an approved NDIS provider.

If you, or someone you care for, are NDIS eligible and you want some help to access the scheme, have a yarn to your ATSICHS Brisbane health professional and get a referral to our NDIS Project Officer Team OR contact us directly. You can also visit or call the NDIS 1800 800 110 anytime between 8.00am to 11.00pm Monday to Friday.

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NDIS Frequently Asked Questions

The NDIS is a new way of providing support to Australians living with a significant and permanent disability. The NDIS provides eligible Australians with the reasonable and necessary support to live an ordinary life, and to be more independent and actively participate in their communities. The NDIS offers the person choice and control over how, when and where they use their supports to achieve their goals.
ATSICHS Brisbane have committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in South East Queensland to understand and gain access to the NDIS.
Disability refers to an impairment or condition which significantly affects a person’s ability to do ordinary, everyday things (e.g., getting around, shopping, looking after themselves etc.) without help. The impairment or condition must be permanent or likely to be permanent (be with you for life) and be either intellectual, physical, psychosocial, neurological, sensory or cognitive, or a combination of these. A disability is different from a medical condition – if you’re unsure about whether you have a disability, speak to your health professional.
The NDIS replaces a variety of Commonwealth, State and Territory disability systems. The NDIS is a single national scheme which recognises that people with disability have the same rights as other Australians to determine what they want their life to be like and how they want to be supported to achieve their goals.
To be eligible for the NDIS you must: • Be under 65 years of age, and • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, and • Have an impairment or condition (referred to as a disability by the NDIS) which is permanent, or likely to be permanent and which significantly restricts your ability to do everyday activities without help.
The Commonwealth or State agency that funds your supports will share your contact details with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) prior to the scheme rolling out where you live. The NDIA will then contact you and confirm your access into the scheme. In most cases you will not have to provide any further information to access supports. If you currently receive Commonwealth or State (Disability Services Queensland) funded disability supports and you haven’t been contacted by the NDIS by the time the scheme rolls out where you live, you should immediately contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110.
Ask your local clinic for some information and support to do this. Requesting access to the NDIS requires the completion of forms and the gathering of information from GPs, Specialists or Allied Health Providers.
Yes. The NDIS will replace all Commonwealth and State disability support funding. The NDIA states that “nobody will be worse off” by joining the scheme and in most cases the NDIS will offer a greater range of supports and more flexibility with how they are used.
Yes, but only in some cases. • Mobility Allowance will cease for anyone accessing the NDIS; however, funding for transport needs will be included in the person’s NDIS support budget • Disability Support Pension (DSP) is not affected • NDIS participation does not directly affect Carer Payment or Carer Allowance, Carer Payment and Carer Allowance will only be affected if a person’s NDIS plan substantially changes the care arrangements to the extent the carer is no longer eligible under Centrelink criteria.
The NDIS will provide ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports; these supports must relate to your disability and could include: • Help with personal care (e.g., support with showering, dressing etc.) • Help with preparing meals and maintaining your home • Assistance with transport so you can participate in community, social, economic and daily life activities (e.g. going shopping, visiting friends, getting to work, seeing your Doctor etc.) • Help to get or keep a job • Therapy support (e.g., Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Speech Language Therapy etc.) • The purchase of specialist aids and equipment to maximise your independence (e.g., wheelchairs, hoists, specialist communication devices etc.) • Home and vehicle modifications (e.g., ramps, a bath hoist or a swivel seat etc.).

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