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Young Black and Proud Scholarship sends basketball star to the US

Proud Wiradjuri and Birri man Kulan has his head in the game after returning from a successful stint in the United States competing at the Amateur Athletic Union Basketball World Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Kulan is a multi-talented individual, not only excelling in basketball but also demonstrating his academic prowess. In addition to his sporting achievements, he plays multiple musical instruments and represents his school in both volleyball and basketball. So it’s no surprise that we chose Kulan as one of our 2023 Young, Black and Proud sports scholarship winners.

While Kulan aspires to have a basketball career, he remains grounded in his pursuit of education. He attends Rivermount College and understands the importance of maintaining a focus on his academic pursuits alongside his sporting ambitions.

“I go to Rivermount College on an Aboriginal scholarship. Even though I have my sights set on a basketball career I know how important it is to stay focused on my education as well,” said Kulan.

“I’ve received multiple awards from my school and I am also part of the Student Representative Council. I see myself as a role model for other First Nations students. I’m proud to be able to give back to the school and help our local community.”

With his dedication to education and the community, Kulan’s future is poised for further success.

Kulan travelled to the United States for the basketball championships through the support of his sports scholarship. His story highlights the significance of the Young, Black and Proud scholarship program in nurturing young talents. Kulan is not the first recipient to pursue his dreams on a global stage through the support of the program.

This year we partnered with the Queensland Family and Child Commission to help students like Kulan achieve their dreams. Read all about our 2023 winners by clicking here.

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