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Jacob Hunt: Rising Talent at the Queensland Murri Carnival

Player Profile: Jacob Hunt

Name: Jacob Hunt

Mob: Kamilaroi

Team: ATSICHS Brother Boys U14s

Experience: 2nd year at Queensland Murri Carnival

Jacob Hunt, a proud Kamilaroi boy from NSW, possesses promising talent in rugby league, bringing a blend of skill and determination to the field at this year’s Queensland Murri Carnival (QMC). He is also the younger brother of Kimmy Hunt, who previously worked with Deadly Choices and has recently seized an opportunity to play for the Parramatta Eels in the NWRL.

What makes this year special for Jacob is the connection within the team. He says, “The team is similar to last year, with a few new boys.”

“I enjoyed playing for the carnival last year. It was a deadly experience playing with these boys and meeting new people. I’m excited to give it a go again this year,” says Jacob.

When asked about his man of the match from last year, Jacob doesn’t hesitate: “My man of the match from last year would be Sonny Hewett, that’s my boy.”

Jacob’s proudest moment playing in the QMC was playing at the Redcliffe Dolphins stadium and scoring an impressive 80-metre try in front of a massive crowd.

As he looks ahead to this year’s QMC, Jacob holds high expectations for the team. He says, “I reckon the boys will give it their best this year and work together to get the win.”


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