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Under 14s half-back a full team player

We’d like to introduce you to one of the stars of our under 14s DC ATSICHS Queensland Murri Carnival team, half-back Tidan Wright.

Despite this being his first year at the QMC he’s no stranger to the field. He’s got a few years of rugby league experience under his belt and is keen to hit the field.

“I play half, which means I do a lot of the passing on the team. The half is in charge of making sure the ball goes between the forwards and the backs. They kind of direct the game,” Tidan said.

“It’s my job to make sure the ball gets to the right person on the team”.

Tidan and his team were lucky enough to have a trial match against the Sunshine Coast Bunyas a few weeks ago in preparation for this week’s carnival.

“We’ve been training pretty hard over the last few weeks and we had a trial match on the sunny coast which we won. I’m feeling pretty good heading into this game”, he said.

“It’s been great at the Murri Carnival just hanging around with my mates, family, playing footy and having fun. It’s a competition, but it feels more like a big family gathering”.

Our DC ATSICHS team defeated Murri United 18 – 14 and narrowly lost to the Logan City Hawks 14 – 16.

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