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Virtual reality technology assists JNC staff

Jimbelunga Nursing Centre staff will better understand residents living with dementia thanks to a recent virtual reality interactive experience.

The nursing staff recently completed a workshop provided by Dementia Australia using Educational Dementia Immersive Experience EDIE.

It allowed staff to see the world through the eyes of a person living with dementia utilising a virtual smartphone app. It provided the user with a greater knowledge of dementia while exploring supportive approaches to assist residents with dementia. Using the headsets, staff could view what it may feel like to experience dementia. This allows them to better understand the ways to care for someone living with dementia.

The session provided the latest information on dementia across the various stages. It also shared information on how to care for the diverse needs of residents.

Jimbelunga Nursing Centre Operations Manager Belinda Charles said the workshop was incredibly innovative. It showed how technology could be used in conjunction with up to date medical research and also provide better outcomes for residents.

“It’s an important opportunity to identify additional support needs for both residents and nursing staff. This will help residents live confidently with dementia,” Belinda said.

“We look forward to applying this knowledge at Jimbelunga to provide our residents with the very best care possible.”

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