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Young, Black, and Proud scholarship recipient pursues his artistic dreams

Proud Kubin Moa and Boigu Island artist Marcellus sees his art adorning t-shirts, coffee mugs, canvases and more and with a Young, Black and Proud scholarship up his sleeve he’s one step closer to making that dream a reality.

Marcellus is currently studying at TAFE but has always had a penchant for art. He discovered his love for drawing as a means to express his emotions and connect with others on a deeper level. For him, art is not just a creative outlet, it’s a chance for him to create a business and live independently.

“My passion is drawing,” Marcellus exclaims, “and I would love nothing more than to see my artwork on t-shirts, mugs, canvas, and even as tattoos.”

His ultimate dream is to establish an online business where people can select his designs for printing and delivery. He envisions art exhibitions where he can showcase his creations and connect with others who share his love for art.

Example of Marcellus’ artwork

Marcellus has faced his share of challenges but he hasn’t let them keep him down. He has four brothers and two sisters and all were raised in foster care. He also currently accesses support from the NDIS.

Despite the challenges, Marcellus remains resilient. With the guidance of his social worker Devon, from the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health and support from his NDIS workers, he is taking steps towards independence. Wise Employment is assisting him in his job search, and he’s committed to establishing a stable life for himself.

“Living independently won’t be easy but Devon has been helping me for the past 2 years, teaching me how to budget my money for rent, food, phone, and bills,” Marcellus said.

Receiving the Young, Black, and Proud Scholarship has been a game-changer for Marcellus. With the scholarship, he plans to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro, a tool that will enable him to convert hand-drawn images to digital format. This technological upgrade is pivotal for his art, making it ready for direct-to-print platforms and setting up an online presence through social media and platforms like RedBalloon.

“The laptop would also help me with my TAFE studies, allowing me to attend the Zoom classes online and complete classwork and assessments online,” Marcellus adds.

Example of Marcellus’ artwork

In addition to pursuing his passion for art, Marcellus is also a dedicated athlete. He has played for the Aspley Kingpins in a ten-pin bowling league for six years, recently achieving a personal best of 211. He dreams of a perfect 300-game and has a knack for futsal, having captained his team at the Regional Futsal championships in New South Wales and Tasmania.

“My ultimate goal is to get a fulfilling job and share my passion for art with others,” he says.

Marcellus serves as an inspiration not just to his peers but to anyone striving to overcome adversity and chase their dreams. The Young, Black, and Proud scholarship is not just an accolade for him; it’s a stepping stone towards a successful future as a brilliant artist.

This year we partnered with the Queensland Family and Child Commission to help artists like Marcellus achieve their dreams.

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