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Young performer takes home scholarship win

Singing, dancing and acting, proud Trawlwoolway girl Aria is a triple threat of a performer. Now with a Young, Black and Proud scholarship in her corner she’s well on her way to becoming a star.

For Aria, all the world’s a stage and she’s been honing her skills since childhood.

‘For the past 18 years all I’ve ever wanted to do is sing and act every chance I could get. Whether that was small singing gigs or school plays, I’ve always grabbed every opportunity and tried my hardest’, Aria said.

In 2020 Aria auditioned for Disney in the United States. She made it through three rounds and continued to develop her skills through workshops in Los Angeles. She also took this opportunity to learn to produce her own music and further develop her skills in stage performing.

Recently, Aria made the move from Victoria to Brisbane to pursue her passion with the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA). Supported by world class trainers, Aria completed her certificate IV in performing arts and is currently studying for her diploma.

‘Through ACPA I have been involved in a lot of outreach work; attending schools and teaching young children about our culture and the arts.’

‘I’ve been asked to get involved in some amazing events. I’ve also had the privilege to be able to speak the acknowledgement of Country at some of these. I’m so proud of my heritage and so excited that I get to do something that I love and honour my culture at the same time.’

This scholarship will provide much needed funds to help support Aria in her dreams of becoming a leading performer.

She plans to put her funds to great use by purchasing equipment and props for her performances. She also plans to use the funds to help find transport to and from her classes.

This year we partnered with minor sponsors the Michael Cassel Group who are keen to support our young people like Aria who want a career in the arts.
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