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Safe and Deadly Places

At ATSICHS Brisbane we are proud of our Brotherboys, Sistergirls and LGBTIQ mob!

We invite you to have your say in creating safe and deadly places for you.

If you identify as LGBTIQ and want to have a yarn about creating an inclusive space, come join us.

Our Statement of Commitment

We’ve signed a Statement of Commitment to start our journey to ensuring equal access across all of our services, clinics and programs and delivering programs and providing services that enable our whole community to feel that they belong and are valued individuals who can reach their full potential, upholding their right to full access to our services and programs in a safe and supportive environment.

Read our statement

Have a yarn

We held our first yarning circle on the 31 October.

We got some great interest and ideas for our Safe and Deadly Places but we still keen to hear from our LGBTIQ mob.

Please contact Kirsten on to hook up a safe and confidential yarn.

Contact us

Please contact Kirsten on 0439 349 849 or email to hook up a safe and confidential yarn.


You are heard, you are cared for, you are seen, you are valued

In a response to the Marriage Equality announcement we want to ensure that our clients and community members, who have been impacted by this public debate are heard, are cared for, are seen, and are valued.

As we reflect, it is vitally important to remember the pride and fragility of our LGBTIQ brotherboys and sistergirls , their families and our broader community.

To our LGBTIQ Brotherboys and Sistergirls:

“You are not alone. You are recognised by those who love you. You have a place in this world and your choices regarding how you choose to live your life are valid and worthy of respect.” (National LGBTI Health Alliance)

Don’t keep it to yourself

We also want to make sure you are aware of the services out there to help with the negativity and healing process. Please know that there are a range of supports available for you, your families, friends, or organisations.

ATSICHS Services

Please visit the following sites for immediate assistance