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CEO farewells ATSICHS Brisbane

In January, ATSICHS Brisbane staff said farewell, thank you and good luck to outgoing Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jody Currie. 

Jody joined ATSICHS Brisbane in early 2016 as CEO. In the years that followed, she was instrumental to the organisation’s tremendous growth. She also contributed to the successes we see today for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Brisbane and Logan. 

During her time, staff numbers increased to about 450 with around 50% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Jody is passionate about our young people and changing the cycle of trauma experienced by many was a priority. Her vision signalled a new era for ATSICHS Brisbane. As a result of Jody, we saw the introduction of three Deadly Kindys, the Birthing in Our Community program, the opening of the Loganlea clinic and the creation of the Young, Black and Proud scholarship program

Additionally, our Jimbelunga Nursing Centre saw many positive outcomes for our Elders under Jody’s leadership. She is a fierce advocate for those most vulnerable. Over the past five years, she worked with Jimbelunga staff, boosting the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents. These numbers have increased from 25% to 72% today. 

Jody also rallied for emergency housing for many women and children, particularly in the Brisbane and Logan region. She assisted in creating the new-look housing program Ngumpi uruue, which helped 20 women and 47 children across Brisbane and Logan. Presently, we manage 20 properties across the region. We aim to increase this to 1000 properties across South-East Queensland over the next ten years.

ATSICHS Brisbane received federal funding to rebuild Joyce Wilding Hostel, allowing Jody to realise her vision for helping others. Recently, the hostel was demolished, and over the next three years is being rebuilt to provide accommodation for 33 families.

We are fortunate to have worked alongside Jody in her journey. Our community has significantly benefitted from her dedication to ensuring our people receive the best health and wellbeing services. 

We will greatly miss Jody’s leadership and commitment and wish her the best for the future.

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