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Get your free flu vaccine

The flu jab helps protect yourself and the community from the influenza virus. The flu might seem like no big deal but it can make mob very sick and lead to serious complications, particularly for people with existing health problems.

Think you are strong and fit so you don’t need the flu jab? Think again. It’s about protecting the most vulnerable (our Elders and jarjums) by reducing the number of infections and limiting the spread of the virus.

Five Flu Facts

The flu jab is recommended for everyone except babies under six months old.
Flu jabs are available for free at all our clinics.
It’s important to get the flu shot every year because there are a lot of different influenza strains and the flu vaccine formula is updated annually to provide the most effective protection.
It’s best to get your flu jab in April or May before the flu season starts.
The flu shot can’t give you the flu. It works to trigger your body’s immune response and build up antibodies that help protect you.

Get a gift with your flu jab

Choose from a ball, bucket hat or bag when you receive your vaccination at any of our clinics…

Bouncy ball

Bucket hat

Tote bag

Clinic locations

Browns Plains Medical Clinic

Address: Village Square, 20-24 Commerce Drive
Browns Plains QLD 4118
(The clinic is on the corner of Eastern Road and Webber Drive)
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Logan Medical Clinic

Address: 41 Station Road
Logan Central QLD 4114
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Loganlea Medical Clinic

Address: Unit 4, 653 Kingston Road, Loganlea QLD 4131
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Northgate Medical Clinic

Address: 313 Melton Road
Northgate QLD 4013
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Woolloongabba Medical Clinic

Address: 55 Annerley Road
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
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