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Jarjums voice why deadly kindys matter

This week we’ve celebrated Early Learning Matters Week with our jarjums and gundoos across all our Deadly Kindy sites.

Early Learning Matters Week raises awareness of the role of early childhood education in children’s development and wellbeing in Australia.

High-quality education supports young children to learn and thrive, in cooperation with parents, carers and also the wider community.

Our Deadly Kindys feature a unique philosophy, blending quality early childhood education with our existing health and also social services. Learning in natural environments is one of our strengths, where children get to choose how, when and where they learn.

Our early intervention service model provides a culturally safe, flexible and play-based environment for children to develop a lifelong love of learning and also sets the foundation for reaching their full potential. We are also committed to keeping our children connected to culture.

As we wrap up Early Learning Matters Week it’s only fitting to hear from our jarjums and why they love our Deadly Kindy. Check out what our Deadly Kindy Waterford West jarjums had to say.

If you’d like to enrol your 3 or 4 year old jarjum in kindy phone 3239 5381 or visit our Deadly Kindy website.

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