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Jajumbora Midwifery Hub

Keeping you and bubba, happy and healthy

We provide midwife support from pregnancy through to parenthood.

At Jajumbora we offer:

  • a named midwife for your antenatal care and birthing
  • midwife services and birthing plans
  • home visits when needed
  • pregnancy advice and support
  • blood tests and vaccinations
  • antenatal education
  • healthy hearing screening
  • breastfeeding support
  • in-home postnatal care.

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Our staff and midwives at the hub can also connect you to other services in Logan to help and support you both as bubba grows.

Where are my appointments?
We can meet you at Jajumbora (we’re located at  6 Glenda Street, Waterford West), or one of our medical clinics or we can come out to your house.

Do I need a referral?
Yes. Ask your GP to refer you to Logan Hospital (att: Jajumbora Midwives).

Are there fees?
No, the service is free.

You can find us at
6 Glenda Street, Waterford West QLD 4133

We have free on-site parking and are within walking distance of public transport.

Our centre hours
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm by appointment only

Contact us

Call us on (07) 3239 5381 or email us.

Meet our midwives

Chris Baxter

My name is Chris (Baxter) and I am married with 3 children and originate from England where I qualified as a midwife and nurse. I gained a variety of midwifery experience in the UK and my passion for midwifery is in the community, where I can build relationships with women and their families on their journey through pregnancy and into parenthood by providing continuity of care.

I emigrated to Australia in 2003, where I birthed my third child and now I have the availability and opportunity to work in this new and exciting caseload model of care. I hope to build strong community relationships to improve the lives of our indigenous community, now and into the future, and it is my passion to support and empower women and their families throughout the creation of new life, to enable the best possible outcomes for women and their families in our community.

I enjoy and celebrate supporting women on this wonderful journey and look forward to keeping birth as normal as possible within this model of care. I have been a midwife for 30 years and my passion and enthusiasm to work at the Maternity Hub is the same as when I first became a midwife many years ago.

Jude Cooze

One of the passions I have for wanting to be part of this particular hub in Waterford West is my true devotion to improving outcomes for indigenous women and their infants and I do believe at this level of community midwifery that we have the ability to influence their lifelong outcomes if we give them a really woman-centred/family-centred experience from this hub.

Nicky Taylor-Edwards

I’m originally from England where I qualified as a midwife in my home town of Wolverhampton. After a few years of working within the Maternity Unit, I jumped at the opportunity to become a Community Midwife. Working within the eastern suburbs of Wolverhampton was a very demanding, but very rewarding role that I enjoyed for around 4 years before moving to the every blue skies of Queensland with my husband and son.

Since moving here I have worked predominantly in caseload and continuity roles, including Midwifery Group Practice (MGP), a co-coordinator for high risk psychosocial pregnancies and birth suite roles. I am also an eligible midwife and have worked in a private setting but my dream is to pursue this role within a public setting. I am passionate about working with vulnerable women and supporting them along their pregnancy, birthing and transition into parenting journey providing women-centred care.

I see midwifery as a unique and privileged profession that is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of the community as birth is the foundation of all cultures and societies.  I believe that every woman should have access to a named midwife and continuity of care.

Peggy Keyte

I’m a passionate midwife and am excited to be working in this model of care and in partnership with ATSICHS Brisbane.  I am dedicated to improving maternal and infant outcomes for all Indigenous women. Furthermore, building strong relationships within the Indigenous community.

Historically Australian Aboriginal people have experienced a lack of cultural understanding within the health services. However, this model of care at the Waterford West HUB gives the opportunity to ensure that Aboriginal women have their spiritual, cultural and physical needs cared for during their pregnancy and birthing journey. I have confidence and trust in, and respect for women and their capabilities in childbirth.