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Meet Community Connector Kristina

Providing health and human services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our way, means creating a strong feedback loop that enables the voices of clients to inform service design and delivery.

This is why Kristina Spears, ATSICHS Brisbane Community Researcher, plays such a key role in our research programs. Connecting. Listening. Gathering. Channeling. With her survey questions ready on her iPad, Kristina visits clients for a yarn, engaging with community to facilitate an exchange of ideas.

Kristina is a proud Kamilaroi woman with roots in Quirindi, New South Wales. She is driven to make meaningful connections and use the knowledge she gains to enhance services and support, contributing to the wellbeing of mob.

“I am proud to be part of an organisation like ATSICHS Brisbane, where I can connect with community members, learn from them, and use their invaluable insights and feedback to create better services and support systems. Together, we work towards keeping our mob healthy and safe.”

Learn more about our current research projects here.

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