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Queensland Murri Carnival wraps up for 2023

The 2023 Queensland Murri Rugby League Carnival has come to a close, finishing off two weeks filled with rugby league action. This final leg of the carnival featured the junior divisions, including the U14s, U16s, and U18s.

Held again at the Redcliffe Dolphins fields, this year’s event was massive, with over 680 young boys and girls participating in the Junior Murri Carnival over the course of a week.

Ray Nagas, Browns Plains Community Liaison Officer, and coach for ATSICHS Brothers for U14s has been mentoring many of the ATSICHS Brother Boys for a few years. He mentioned “a lot of these kids have been playing together over the last couple years, so they have a strong connection with each other.”

What stood out this year was the growing crowd support, with more people getting involved and backing these young talents.

“I know sometimes we get caught up with the men’s and women’s divisions but I tell you there seems to more of a crowd out here for the juniors, which is really deadly to see,” Ray said.

ATSICHS Brisbane sponsored multiple teams this year including the ATSICHS Brother Boys teams, the Dynamic ATSICHS team, and the Logan City Hawks teams.

ATSICHS Brother Boys U16s Coach Kim Bray says that the carnival’s atmosphere is all about family, connection, and culture. He noted, “many people are out here playing for their family and it’s good to see.”

“We’ve got a few boys here who made the Murri U14s last year, so there’s plenty of talent to look out for. We’ve got a good young back rower, Enua, he’s only 15, and we’ve also got a good halfback, so it will be interesting to see how they go.”


In the end, the focus remained on having fun and enjoying the game. These young fullas have made a strong connection over the past couple of years, making it clear that the friendships and the joy of the game is what truly matters in the Queensland Murri Rugby League Carnival.

The carnival concluded on Friday, September 29th.

ATSICHS Brother Boys U14sATSICHS Brother Boys U16sDynamic ATSICHS U18s
2 wins and 2 losses3 wins and 1 loss2 wins and 2 losses
Ranked 8Ranked 4Ranked 8

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