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Spotlight on Oral Health Therapist Taneecia

Taneecia is a dedicated Oral Health Therapist and proud Wulli Wulli and Wakka Wakka woman. Her mission revolves around educating community about oral hygiene and providing preventative and restorative dentistry solutions for adults and children. Taneecia’s primary focus is to empower mob to look after their oral health. 

Her journey began as a dental trainee assistant, where she found her passion for providing oral health care to community. Driven by her ambition to become an Oral Health Therapist, Taneecia pursued a Bachelor of Oral Health. 

“I’m extremely proud of my work. Despite the challenges, I get constant reminders of why I do what I do,” says Taneecia. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of her role is engaging with young people, particularly the Murri School students, whom she educates on the importance of caring for their oral health and looking after their deadly smiles. 

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