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Guide to Pronouns

Pronouns are words such as I or you which can be used to refer to someone without using their name. Other example include they, him and herself which are used when talking about someone in the third person. It’s important to note that that is not an exhaustive list and people can use less common […]

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Protect your smile this Easter

With Easter coming upon us it’s important to look after your teeth by thinking about how much sugar is in your chocolate and lollies. Did you know that some of our Easter favourites have this much sugar in them? Eating lots of sugar can lead to decay but there are ways to avoid serious damage. […]

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Ovarian Cancer Myths vs Facts

Did you know every year it is estimated that 1720 Australian women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer? During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month we’re here to shed some light on the disease and debunk several common ovarian cancer myths to help reduce misconceptions and increase better survival outcomes. MYTH: The HPV vaccine will protect you […]

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Men’s Health Tips for Movember

As Movember comes to an end we want to continue to encourage our men to take charge of their health. Our men are suffering and we need to change these statistics for our fathers, Uncles, brothers, partners and sons. At ATSICHS Brisbane we offer health and support services that can help you take care of […]

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Aunty Pamela Mam Awards recognise outstanding staff

Recently IUIH held their network-wide Workforce Integrity Gathering over a three-week series of live stream events.  ​​​​​​A highlight of this gathering was the presentation of the Aunty Pamela Mam Awards. These awards acknowledge the hard work of staff across the IUIH network and honour Aunty Pam’s humble, caring and generous spirit. Congratulations to the three […]

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