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Welcoming our 2024 General Practitioner registrars

We are delighted to introduce five new General Practitioner (GP) registrars who have just commenced their training placements with ATSICHS Brisbane. Dr Sarah will be based at our Northgate clinic, Dr Avalon at Woolloongabba, Dr Bailey at Logan and Dr Mandy and Dr Shuatha will work from Loganlea clinic.

After completing their medical degrees and becoming qualified, doctors who wish to work as General Practitioners are required to undertake a further three-year training program that includes a minimum of two years of supervised practice.

ATSICHS Brisbane Clinical Director Dr Jonathan said that it is a reciprocal experience. “The registrars learn about providing good care in an urban community context and they are an important contributor to the GP services that ATSICHS Brisbane provides as well as bringing up to date knowledge to our clinical team,” Dr Jonathan said.

Dr Sarah, Dr Avalon, Dr Bailey, Dr Mandy and Dr Shuatha began their placements with a four-week onboarding program that started with a full day clinical orientation and training on e-health platform MMEx.

“They have extra support in that four-week period to get to know their team and community, understand the health and wellbeing needs, and learn about ATSICHS Brisbane and other services,” Dr Jonathan said.

Our new GP registrars bring a strong background in women’s health and a passion for a holistic approach to care.

“I’m looking forward to working somewhere where I can be involved in team-based holistic care and caring for the whole person, not just the diseases they might suffer from,” Dr Mandy said.

ATSICHS Brisbane accepts new GP registrars annually and while they generally stay on for a 12-month period, we have six current GPs who did their placements with us and two GP registrars who started last year and are continuing their training in 2024.

A warm welcome to our new GP registrars!

Learn more about their backgrounds and specialty areas below.

Dr Avalon

I’ve lived in Brisbane for most of my life but am originally from Bendigo. I love helping people and connecting with them. I am very drawn to women’s health. I have worked in obstetrics and gynaecology, obstetric medicine and gynae oncology at the Royal Brisbane and love working with women throughout the many different times in their life.

I feel that Indigenous health is so important and is so briefly taught in medical school. I wanted to have a really solid base of understanding of how I can best help community throughout my career and felt that ATSICHS Brisbane would be the best place to do that.

In my spare time, I love playing with my two dogs, spending time with my family and friends and travelling when I can.

Dr Bailey

I grew up in the Sunshine Coast and have worked in a few hospitals and clinics throughout Queensland since graduating from university in 2019. The opportunity to influence the health of a wide range of patients, from babies to older people, and the variety of practice is what encouraged me to choose a career in general practice and, more specifically, to work at ATSICHS Brisbane. My areas of interest are women’s health and paediatrics, but I enjoy all areas of general practice, especially getting to know my patients.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and farm animals.

Dr Mandy

I’m originally from Sydney but have lived in Brisbane for almost 10 years now. Before studying medicine, I studied history and politics. As the daughter of a GP, I saw how rewarding a career in medicine can be. I really love using the skills I am lucky enough to have learnt to help others understand and work together to come up with a plan to improve their health. I particularly enjoy women’s health, pregnancy care and mental health but enjoy all areas of medicine. I’m looking forward to working somewhere where I can be involved in team-based holistic care and caring for the whole person, not just the diseases they might suffer from.

Outside of work, I love hanging out with my toddler, partner and three-legged dog, and exploring different parts of Queensland.

Dr Shuatha

I finished medicine at UQ in 2017 and went on to work in hospitals around Brisbane, as well as in Hervey Bay and Newcastle. The blend of science with the ability to help people directly, led me to medicine. I now love my job as a doctor, working with patients and families daily to improve their lives. I am passionate about women’s health, having worked in obstetrics and gynaecology for a number of years in the hospital system.

I love a bit of a yarn, and getting to know Indigenous patients and the wealth of culture and traditions they have. I think it is a huge privilege for me to be able to provide healthcare for our local mob.

When not spending time with my little boy, I enjoy reading mythology, hiking and baking sweets.

Dr Sarah

After graduating from Griffith University I spent the first few years of my training up in Far North Queensland. I primarily worked in Cairns and Mareeba with great exposure to many patient demographics, with invaluable insight into the unique health problems facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. I was able to get involved in and witness the importance of culturally appropriate health care and how it made such a difference. I then moved to the Gold Coast to increase my knowledge and skills in paediatrics throughout 2023. I have a strong interest in paediatric medicine and women’s health along with preventative and holistic health care. I feel honoured to become a part of the team with ATSICHS Brisbane.

Outside of work I love to go camping, bake and spend time with my beautiful family.

To make an appointment with any of our GP registrars, phone (07) 3240 8900.

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