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Young, Black, and Proud winner soars to new heights at NASA Space School

Proud Wakka Wakka and Booubyan girl Jyannha is shooting for the stars with her sights set on a career in astronomy. She is currently in Houston, Texas touring the NASA Space Centre through the CASE Space School International Study Program. Thanks to her Young, Black and Proud academic scholarship win she was able to fund her trip.

Jyannha’s passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is evident in her enthusiastic approach to her studies. She works hard and has embraced every opportunity to explore everything STEM offers.

Her commitment also extends beyond the classroom. She actively volunteers and inspires fellow students, particularly those in younger grades, to delve into the wonders of science.

“I have been involved in multiple school-based activities surrounding science and STEM. I regularly help students from young grades with their experiments for our school’s Open Day,” Jyannha said.

As an Aboriginal secondary school student with a keen interest in STEM and science-based subjects, Jyannha sees her current venture with the NASA Space Centre as a unique and life-changing experience.

“Although my school does not offer a subject revolving around Astronomy as a main topic, I think that this trip is an amazing opportunity. I can to set myself up for university and a career in astronomy.”

Her infectious enthusiasm for learning, coupled with her love for all things science, has positioned her as a role model for all students at her school.

“I enthusiastically attend school and actively engage with interest in all my subjects. I look forward to going to university and creating a career path that will be satisfying and rewarding,” said Jyannha.

Astronomy holds a special place in Jyannha’s heart. And she is poised to make significant contributions to the field in the future. As she embarks on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the NASA Space Centre, we’ll be supporting her to reach her potential and one day, the stars.

This year we partnered with the Queensland Family and Child Commission to help students like Jyannha achieve their dreams. Read all about our 2023 winners by clicking here.
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