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Zackary STEAMs ahead with scholarship win

12 year old Kuku Yalanji and Ugar/Waibin boy Zackary is proud of his culture and believes learning new things can help him connect with his heritage.

Zackary is passionate about his STEAM studies (science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths) and that passion had him named one of our 2023 Young, Black and Proud academic scholarship winners.

He dreams of becoming a coder when he’s older. He loves using technology to solve problems and also make people’s lives easier.

“It would be amazing to create apps, build websites, and even program robots to make the world a better place,” Zackary says.

“STEAM is like being in a world of magic. I can create cool stuff and make things come to life.”

Zackary’s passion for learning extends beyond his STEAM studies. He has also received awards for Media Arts and diligence in his education and he plays guitar in his school’s band. He also excelled beyond his year level in Writing, Reading, Grammar & Punctuation in his NAPLAN exams.

Zackary plans to use his funds to purchase a laptop so he can practice coding whenever he wants and explore new programming languages. 

This year we partnered with the Queensland Family and Child Commission to help students like Zackary achieve their dreams. Read all about our 2023 winners by clicking here.

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