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Dental service welcomes 3D printer

We are transforming the smiles of mob thanks to a new state-of-the-art 3D printer for our Dental service.

The Woolloongabba dental clinic recently purchased a Next Dent 3D printer which will revolutionise the way dentures are produced.

3D printing is the process of building thin layers of printing material, also known as a filament, to create physical objects. Printing software designs the object as a three-dimensional model with specific measurements.

Speaking about the printer, Dental Services Manager Kristy Phillips also praised the new technology. She said the fast and efficient process improved patient flow through the clinic.

“The machine drastically cuts down the time spent on making dentures by hand,” Kristy said.

“It will also provide better quality and higher precision for our patients and their dentures.

“In the long term the printer will also reduce overall operational costs.”

Dental Technician Simon currently operates the 3D printer.

The machine will print special trays, full upper/lower and partial dentures and will eventually include teeth.

“It’s also exciting for our clients as the printer increases productivity, allowing more clients to access our services,” she said.

“We’re already seeing an increase in accuracy with the precision technology. This is also a win-win for our patients, as it results in extremely well-fitting dentures.”

3D printer
Simon using 3D printer
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